Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Are You Caught Up?

Stacy Julian, of Big Picture Scrapbooking, has created an online course called A Library of Memories that relieves the pressure of "feeling" like you need to catch up.

This class is so motivating and inspirational that we at Treasured Memories want everyone to share in this powerful new way of scrapbooking.

Our instructor, Molly McCarthy, took this class in 2007 and found it to be life changing (no exaggeration). She is once again taking the course in 2008 and would like to form a TM Library of Memories Group that will meet to discuss this new approach throughout the course and keep each other motivated and on task. Molly will act as moderator for this group and there is no fee to join.

Stacy only offers this course once a year. It begins February 28, 2008 and ends 16 weeks later. This class is a commitment - but well worth every step.

Are you interested? If so do the following:

  1. Register for this class online at Big Picture Scrapbooking on Saturday, January 12th at 1pm (don't be late, this class will fill up quickly).

  2. Send Molly an email at to let her know you are in the class and would like to join the group. We will have our first meeting the last week of January.

  3. Treasured Memories will give all LOM 2008 students 10% off all supplies needed to complete your own Library of Memories.

Imagine feeling like you are ALWAYS caught up! It's a great feeling!

Stacy Julian

Founding Editor, Simple Scrapbooks Magazine
Founder & Co-owner, Big Picture Scrapbooking
Author, The Big Picture

Learn more about Stacy Julian by reading her blog!

***** NEWSFLASH ****

Stacy Julian is Coming to Treasured Memories!!

Friday, June 6th

Stacy will be visiting our store to give a lecture on scrapbooking and to sign her latest book - Photo Freedom! Come meet this amazing scrapbooker in person!