Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bible Journaling with Rachel

Mother/Daughter and/or Adult Bible Journaling
with Rachel
Tuesday, June 28th 
$25.00 each attendee

We are trying something different and opening the age range up starting around 7 yrs of age as long as the mom is in attendance. Middle school girls can still attend alone or with their mom its up to you... and ladies are still welcome to join as well without daughters. Since its summer the intensity will be slightly less than previous classes. One verse will be done together regardless of age and the second verse we will break a part. For those women attending we will be focusing on our family verse or a personal life verse and showing how we can and should incorporate our personal prayers into those pages on our bible. For my family I chose to concentrate on Psalm 19:10 and my prayer is "May my family grow to find Your Word more precious than gold and sweeter than honey from the comb." Amen! Amen! Amen 

For the girls in the class they will have a different kit from the women and I will guide them through illustrating their own life verse. Some girls will come with life verses their parents chose for them when they were dedicated or they have life verses they have chosen for themselves. And for those who come without one already chosen we will talk about the importance of a life verse and give them tools to choose one. After opening up together in His word this class will transition into a laid back space for females of all ages to create and connect. To bond over God's word and illustrating your faith. Rachel will be there to guide, answer questions, and demonstrate techniques. 

Class is for ladies ages 7 and up. Come with your daughter or mother or come alone. Grab a friend, the important part is we come to create and connect in the Word.  There will be two kits to choose from a women's kit or a child's kit.