Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"It's Only 60 Cents..."

"It's only a 60 cent piece of paper."
bagI think that is the rationale some give themselves when taking product from our store without paying for it. 
Many of you will be surprised to learn that Treasured Memories has an increasing theft problem. "No!", you say? "Crafters don't steal!" but alas they do. With our doors open for almost 13 years, we've always had some theft, however, we've recently reached a new pinnacle.
In the past few weeks we've had two fully decorated sample albums stolen. One album had been secured with ribbon and the thief cut it off with scissors! We've learned that it's difficult to sell album kits without a sample. With these items costing $20-$26 that is a loss in itself not to mention that the incompleted album kits just sit on the store shelf, which is additional lost revenue.
We've also noticed that the thieves are getting even more sneaky. This past week, a package of Cricut blades were stolen - but the packaging was left in tact on the display wall. We've since stapled all of the existing Cricut blade packages closed to avoid this happening again. We've also notified Provo Craft to inform them of the packaging defect in hopes that it will be changed in the future.
These incedences are just some of the items that have been taken; I often think late at night about what else has been taken that I don't know about. Theft is lost revenue. Lost revenue means that Treasured Memories is not able to follow through on plans we have for the store.
I hope you understand how much TM means to me. I've worked so hard for this store and for many years without compensation. Beginning March 1st, I've cut back my dietitian hours as I can no longer work two full-time jobs and take care of my family. It doesn't work and it wasn't healthy for me, my family or my business. I therefore don't have that extra income to supplement the store anymore. I'm going by faith that Treasured Memories is meant to be here for our community. I love what TM offers its customers and believe in what we do. With so many scrapbook stores closing, I want to be the one that remains open! 
The reason I've shared this dirty little topic is that I need to ask you, my loyal customers, to take note and keep your eyes open when shopping in the store. If you happen to notice any suspicious behavior, please inform a staff member. I know that is a strange request and above and beyond a normal customer's shopping experience, but nonetheless I must ask for your help. The problem is too large for us alone. One 60 cent piece of paper, one 15 cent button, a 75 cent yard of ribbon adds up to Treasured Memories keeping its doors open.
Thank you for your continued support.
Happy Scrapbooking,
 CM Signature 
 Christine Mesko, Owner
 Treasured Memories Scrapbook Store, Inc.