Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is Scrapbooking Recession Proof?

Is Scrapbooking Recession Proof?
Not surprising, the answer is no.
Last week we had the $700 billion Federal bailout take place. Prior to that, Bank of America took over Countrywide and now Citigroup Inc. is planning on purchasing the Wachovia banks. These are just two of numerous takeovers that have occurred in the business world of late. The same types of company mergers have occurred in the scrapbook industry.
Scrapbook Manufacturer Mergers
Over a year ago, Fiskars purchased Heidi Grace, Cloud Nine and L'il Davis. Then two of the largest scrapbook companies - EK Success and K & Company were acquired by Wilton, Inc. - yes, the cake decorating company! I am looking at the positive, at least it is a company involved with crafts! We are still adjusting to new reps, warehouses and changes in policy. Autumn Leaves has just announced that it will now sell only to "big box" stores and will no longer sell to the small independent scrapbook stores. Junkitz went out of business altogether. As I write this, I've just heard of three big scrapbook companies in Utah that are going out of business. To compound the problem, scrapbook stores are closing in record numbers. This IS a scary time for the scrapbook industry!!
One thing I've heard from customers over the past six months is that scrapbooking, card making or doing any other craft decreases the stress in their life and gives them an "escape" or is their "therapy".  I know this has always been an important part of why we scrapbook, but I think people are just verbalizing it more now. 
You do not have to give up your creative outlet in these difficult times, in fact, it would be healthier not to.  I have to remind myself of this as well!  I understand that people are hurting financially which affects people's emotions and stress levels. As the Today Show discussed yesterday, the events of today's world affects us women more because we are the nucleus of the family and we tend to take on EVERYTHING.  Therefore I am encouraging you (and me!) to not give up on a hobby that makes you happy - we as women need an outlet too! 
Inexpensive Scrapbooking Ideas
Scrapbooking or crafting in general does NOT have to be expensive. Below are some ways to save money, which will enable you to still engage in your favorite hobby despite feeling the money pinch.


  • Choose embellishments to compliment the product you already have in your scrapbook stash.
  • Use your punches. These are great for pages, projects and cards - they can be used over and over.  EK Success has the best punches in terms of ease of use and styles.
  • Come crop at the store during the week! It's free during day-time use and you'll only buy what you need for the page/project you are working on!
  • Bring a Scrapbook Shopping List to find the specific items or themes you are looking for, it will keep you focused on what you really need.
  • Bring your photos and use our crop room to spread out your photos while you match paper & embellishments, thus only buying what you really need.
  • Use our Cricut Die-Cut Center to make titles instead of purchasing alphabet letters. It's just 50 cents a cut!
  • Make your holiday cards this season instead of purchasing ready-made cards, which can be a savings of $1.00 a card!
  • Create and print photo collages using the TM Digi Center. Create a multi-photo 8½ x11 for only $3!

Christine's Big Decision


As people start to adjust to this new economic world, I too am making a change. Starting shortly, I will begin working part-time as a Registered Dietitian.


Don't worry, I'm not deserting Treasured Memories - it is too near and dear to my heart, but with the economy tanking I need to do whatever it takes to keep the store going. I will still be working at the store Monday, Wednesday and Fridays so stop in and say hello, come scrapbook for a few hours and escape the stresses of life.

I am going to leave you with a poem that Molly - my website guru and TM teacher - wrote in the middle of the night last month. I think it is fitting for the times we are in.

Scrapbooking is My Haven
Molly McCarthy
Scrapbooking is my haven.
It is my refuge from the troubling world and sometimes
monotonous days.


Scrapbooking relaxes me.
Pushing photos, paper and embellishments around on a page transports me to a world of my own.

Scrapbooking gives me peace.
I embrace the fact that I have taken so many photos
that will help me express my thoughts.

Scrapbooking invigorates me.
I am rejuvenated every time I try something new and
create a story through photos, papers and embellishments.

Scrapbooking allows me to write my life stories.

Scrapbooking is my haven.


Take care and as always, Happy Scrapbooking!

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Christine, Owner