Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Newsletter

April Newsletter

Spring is here! Okay, I just have to admit that I am in a strange mood today. Maybe since it's Spring Break and I am sitting here writing my newsletter before I take my kids out to do something fun. My middle daughter is in Washington DC on a whirlwind 5-day school field trip. I know she's taking tons of photos and will be scrapbooking her trip once she returns. It has definitely been a trip she'll always remember. Her traveling has inspired me to work on my 8x8 album from my trip to New York City in 2006.

So much has changed since I took that trip. Life is good right now, but frankly I am troubled by what's happening in the world. The war, violence, high gas & food prices, many people are really struggling just to make ends meet. I feel for them in our town as well as people around the country. Sometimes it makes me want to hide in my scrapbook room and work on my projects so I can escape everything!

Enough depressing talk! In all honesty, I think scrapbooking is an amazing artistic outlet, because not only are we documenting important events in our lives, but also, it truly is therapeutic in that it allows us to reflect on our lives and re-visit the good and maybe not so good times.

One of the things I love about having the store is watching people as they work on their scrapbooks. Last weekend we had a group of nine women cropping for one of their birthdays, and it was so exciting for me to see how much fun they were having together, enjoying each others company and working on their respective projects. It is important for us women to engage in these types of activities. It gives us "our" escape, whether it is just getting a few hours away from the kids and talking to adults or being able to enjoy a hobby that we feel so passionate about.

After almost eleven years in this business, I feel so blessed that I still love what I do, and get so excited when all the new stuff comes in from the shows. I don't think that feeling will ever go away.

I know you're busy, but I encourage you to make time this month to scrapbook, make cards, gifts or do whatever is important to you. Like me, you may feel like you run around all week with your head cut off, but just spending a little time creating can take away all of those crazy hours. I had one of those weeks last week (are you surprised?!?). I felt blessed and rejunvenated when I spent part of Saturday night and Sunday at home working on my New York City trip album! I am still putting some finishing touches on the album but here's a peek at one of the layouts:

Pretty cool huh? Have a great April and don't forget to carve out some craft time for yourself!

Happy Scrapbooking.