Sunday, February 24, 2008

Operation Replenish - Poway

Roni and I left at 6am for Poway on Friday and it was worth getting up so early
and driving for 3 and half hours! Even with the pooring rain outside, there was
a line at the door of women waiting to receive free scrapbook supplies. It was
amazing to hear their stories. They have lost EVERYTHING! Can you even
imagine???? One lady I helped is living with her parents, with their three
children. Their parents are older and have been amazing taking everyone in.

The thing that struck me the most was their positive attitudes. I was humbled
and in tears half the day. They received everything to start over: stickers,
stamps, albums, adhesive, punches, tools, die-cuts, paper and even
organizational totes such as XXL's. They felt so thankful and a few mentioned
they were going to go home and start scrapbooking that day! The day was tiring
but amazing. A huge THANK YOU to the customers who donated supplies. Roni's
van was just about full - so thanks to all of you!!