Friday, November 9, 2007

The Power of Scrapbooking

Have you ever thought about the power of scrapbooking? How it not only touches you, your loved ones or others in your life so deeply? Maybe it's by making an album for a coach, baby's first bath page, a 50th anniversary album, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah album, a vacation album - the list can go on and on. Each project is special and touches people's hearts in different ways. I LOVE looking at what people create; if there were 50 people making a page or an album using the same supplies, each would turn out differently!

This past weekend we held our annual Croptoberfest Crop Weekend. We had a full house both days and fun was had by all including my employees and I! I am always amazed by the different projects people work on during the various crops we hold. Recently I met Carrie who had just completed a heritage album, which included a picture of a relative who was born in 1844! It inspired me to ask my mom and dad more questions about their heritage. They both grew up in Holland and lived through the difficult conditions of World War II. Through my life, I have only heard bits and pieces of the war stories as they don't talk about it much, I realized that I need to document that time in their lives before I lose them.

Another cropper, Melanie, was creating a layout about the "Survivor Crop" she attended recently at Ever After Scrapbooking in Carlsbad. This annual event raises money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.This year's event raised over $68,000 dollars! How about that for the power of scrapbooking! I am so touched by this event as my mom survived breast cancer and I know of some amazing customers who have just finished treatment for this deadly disease, so it hits home in a big way for me. We as scrapbookers can make a real difference in peoples lives ranging from making gifts to providing money for research to ideas not even thought of yet.

Over the next month, Treasured Memories, along with scrapbook stores all down the coast to San Diego and up to Lake Arrowhead will be helping the victims from the recent fires. Because of these fires hundreds of women lost their homes, ALL of their scrapbook supplies and some even their albums.

To help these women & families, the scrapbook stores have united to form the Southern California Unified Scrapbook Store Owners Group to help coordinate and facilitate the donation of scrapbook tools and supplies. We are meeting November 14th to finalize all of the details on what is needed and where to dontate. All the supplies will be given FREE to these crafters who have lost so much. This is going to be a HUGE event and I will be asking each of you to help with this event in the next couple of weeks. Here is yet another example of what the power of scrapbooking can do!

Happy Scrapbooking.